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The mainframe has been taken over by an incredibly evil program named VIRUS! Saved by the mysterious recovery program ABE, only you can use your best thinking skills to get through tricky color-based puzzles, sneak past security drones, and collect special power cores. Travel to the heart of the mainframe and defeat VIRUS once and for all!

Immerse yourself in rich 3D graphics enhanced with advanced image effects - resulting in gorgeous visuals, and easily navigable menus with a slick interface!

Worried your device might not be able to handle all that? No problem! There are different graphics settings - each tweaked precisely to run as good-looking as possible whilst still keeping everything silky smooth.

The controls are simple and intuitive - simply drag your finger around the screen and our heroic little bot will follow it. There are camera controls too, just in case you need to see something from another angle.

Don't be fooled by how easy it all seems, however, as the system is a dangerous place, and you'll need to keep your wits about you!

Want some cool images and videos?

Here's some high-res screenshots and wallpapers. Simply click on them to open the full-size image. Want them all? Have them in a zip!

Here's an HD (720p) version of the trailer, which you can also download from here, along with the 360p version (as featured on the home page), and the super 60fps 1080p ultra version.

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